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ISBN: 9783990455098

Sampedro, Rick


Andy loves the summer, the days are long and he can play in the sun with his friends. Andy likes the winter too. But in the winter the days are short and the nights are long. Andy doesnít like nights. He doesnít like the dark.
Then one day Andy has an idea. Whatís Andyís idea and how can it help him to sleep at night?

In this book


  • Can
  • Have got
  • Letís
  • Like / donít like
  • Present continuous
  • Simple imperatives


  • Family 1
  • Happy / sad / afraid
  • Houses and rooms
  • Seasons
  • Weather


  • Saying what you like and donít like
  • Describing what things can do
  • Talking about what you are doing

Use this book in

  • Geography class
  • Reading class