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Moony Goes on Holiday

ISBN: 9783852729565

Ross, Dilys


Moony lives on the moon. Every day is the same: he cleans his home, he waters his garden, then he goes for a walk. Moony is bored. He wants to hear noise and see people. He wants to go to Earth.
One day, Alex the astronaut arrives and agrees to take Moony home with him. What happens when Moony arrives on Earth? What surprises does he find? And what does Moony decide to do: stay on Earth or go back to the moon?

In this book


  • Adverbs
  • Comparative
  • Present simple
  • Present Continuous
  • Present simple v. present continuous
  • Want to


  • Space
  • Town 1
  • Transport
  • Daily actions


  • Space
  • Comparing things
  • saying what you want to do
  • Talking about how you feel

Use this book in

  • Geography class
  • Science class