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Theseus and the Minotaur

ISBN: 9783852727769

Northcott, Richard


Bad King Minos, of Crete has a terrible monster, called the minotaur. When the minotaur is hungry King Minos asks King Aegeus to send him seven young men and seven young women for his monster to eat.
Then, one day, King Aegeusí son Theseus decides to go to Crete and kill the minotaur. What happens when Theseus arrives in Crete? And can he kill the terrible monster?

In this book


  • Nature
  • Body parts
  • Family
  • Emotions


  • Present simple
  • Present continuous
  • Present simple v. present continuous
  • Comparatives
  • Prepositions of place


  • Talking about how you feel
  • Saying what you want to do
  • Giving instructions

Use this book in

  • History class
  • Geography class