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Fat Cat's Busy Day

ISBN: 9783852723143

Cleary, Maria

ISBN: 978-3-85272-728-8

Mum, Dad, Emily and Baby are all out and Fat Cat is sleeping in peace. Bang! Suddenly there is a noise in the kitchen. There is a thief in the house and Fat Cat is the only who can stop him! What is Fat Catís plan? And can he save Mumís jewellery?

In this book


  • Family
  • Houses and rooms
  • Helping at home
  • Routines


  • Adverbs of frequency
  • Prepositions of place
  • Present simple
  • Present simple v. present continuous


  • Talking about your house
  • Saying what you do everyday
  • Using abverbs to say how often you do things

Use this book in

  • Civics class
  • Reading class