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The Kite

ISBN: 9783852723129

Sampedro, Rick

ISBN: 978-3-85272-723-3

Ehud and Elisa like flying kites. One windy day Ehudís kite goes up and he canít see it. Ehud is sad. Then it comes down in Elisaís garden. Elisa gives Ehud his kite and he is happy. But then Ehud and Elisa look at their fathers. Their fathers arenít friends. They are sad. Can the children think of a way to make everyone happy?

In this book


  • Colours
  • Games
  • Houses
  • Numbers
  • Weather


  • Can/can't
  • Have got
  • Imperatives
  • Let's
  • Like/don't like
  • Present continuous
  • There is/there are
  • This/that


  • Talking about your family
  • Saying what you like doing
  • Using letís to make suggestions
  • Saying what you are doing

Use this book in

  • Geography class
  • Art class