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A Christmas Present for Barney Bunny

ISBN: 9783852722443

Cleary, Maria

ISBN: 978-3-85272-724-0

Itís Christmas Eve and Mother Bunny is busy getting everything ready for Christmas. The bunnies arenít helping so she sends them out to play. Barney, the baby bunny, canít play any of the games. But on Christmas Day Mother Bunny has a special present for him and all her other children.

In this book


  • Colours
  • Games
  • Nature
  • Seasons
  • Toys
  • Weather


  • Making suggestions about what you can do
  • Playing games
  • Saying what you are doing
  • Talking about what you like


  • Making suggestions
  • Saying what you are doing
  • Talking about what youíve got

Use this book in

  • Reading class