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Welcome to Helbling Young Readers

Helbling Young Readers is an exciting series of story-driven graded readers for Primary Schools in 5 levels. Beautifully illustrated graded picture books across five levels that introduce young learners to the joy of reading in English fostering a life-long love for language.

Each story is carefully graded and language is presented both as lexical groups and language functions, using high-frequency words in order to promote fluency from an early age.

Choose from specially written original fiction and beautifully retold classics in order to suit your classroom needs.

SinnosAll books use an open type font which has been specially devised to make reading easier for children with reading difficulties such as dyslexia.



5 levels, each with its own mascot that grows in size as the reader gets older.



An interactive whiteboard compatible CD-ROM with lots of fun and motivating language learning games to practise and revise language and pronunciation, introduce sequencing skills and promote writing skills though interactive dictations. Plus a recording of the text with chants and listening activities.

How to read

How to help your child read in English

Reading in English with your child can be challenging but the benefits are worth it. Make the most of your child’s Helbling Young Reader with this guide full of ideas for sharing stories together.


Accessible to all

Reading difficulties such as dyslexia are often very sensitive to particular typefaces. By carefully choosing our fonts and designing the text layout we ensure that our stories are accessible to as broad an audience as possible.

By using thicker paper, a plain evenly spaced font, wider line-spacing and carefully calibrated line lengths we can significantly reduce the visual stress experienced by many readers who suffer from reading difficulties.