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Helbling Young Readers is an exciting series of beautifully illustrated engaging stories in 5 carefully graded levels for children at primary school.


Stories form a fundamental part of our lives. Sharing stories about who we are, what we do and how we perceive reality is an essential part of our sense of identity. Children are fascinated by and drawn to stories and will actively try to understand them. By creating a ‘narrative sensibility’ (Jerome Bruner) in children through exposing them to a variety of stories we help them develop a sense of who they are as well as strategies to promote integration and social skills.

7 benefits of early reading

• Greatly helps to expand vocabulary
• Fosters deep and natural interest and love for language
• Increases attention span
• Enhances memory and levels of retention
• Develops the imagination and creative thinking
• Creates a stimulating learning environment
• Anchors new words and structures in a meaningful way

Let’s read Classics

Classics tales for children are a fundamental part of our history. They have evolved over the years from oral tales told by the fireside to carefully illustrated stories with printed words becoming works of art for children to share with others or to savour on their own.

Helbling Young Readers Classics embody and promote universal moral values – values that are timeless and increasingly more important in our rapidly changing world.

By reading Helbling Young Readers Classics children will be captivated and fascinated by stories they may know in their own language. This will further facilitate comprehension and understanding, turning the chosen title into an important tool for language learning.

7 benefits of using readers

• The language is accessible
• Language is presented as lexical groups and language functions
• Picture dictionaries clearly define meaning
• Balance between new and revised structures
• Before reading activities preteach words and structures
• On-page activities stimulate communication
• After reading activities practise and consolidate learning